Vertical Platform Lifts

Residential Platform lifts come in all shapes and sizes. Many are purpose-built for indoor or outdoor use and have features specific to the needs of the home or venue. Platform Lifts can be categorized in different ways: VPLs (vertical platform lifts), also called “porch lifts”, can be installed indoors or outdoors, and look similar to open-air elevators, but require less space as the motor and gear box are contained within the unit itself. Inclined Platform Wheelchair lifts, as the name suggests, are similar to stairlifts with wheelchair platforms rather than stand-alone seats.

Indoor and outdoor wheelchair lift solutions have many similarities, with the major difference being that outdoor-specific products are specifically designed to withstand harsh elements, such as freezing temperatures, UV light, and rain.

Outdoor wheelchair lifts are ideal solutions for individuals who rely on scooters, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and other mobility devices. The user can easily roll his or her mobility device onto the unit’s platform and push a button to be effortlessly elevated to a raised deck or porch.


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